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Yes! Mr&Mrs Mujtaba esports organizing tournaments for all townhalls (Th7 to Th14).

Stephanie championship 1v1 for Towhnall 7 to Townhall 14 Registration starts in first week of the month,for more information stay tuned on our instagram & discord

Yes you can! Just join our discord and open a ticket and explain about your channel.

Don't worry ! For chinese players use this website to register or we open registration through we chat also.

Yes! It is mandatory from round of 16.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Register For The Tournament?

The registration form will be uploaded on our site, fill your information and submit it.

Prizepool Distribution Of The Tournament

The prizepool distribution is explained on our schedule pdf, you can check it by downloading the pdf.

How To Know That You're Selected?

The selected teams list will be uploaded on our instagram, make sure to follow us for latest information.

How To Join Discord?

The invitation button is in the bottom of the website, you can simply click on there and can easily join our server.
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